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An heat pump is a highly efficient cost effective swimming pool heating solution. Used and maintained correctly, our heat pumps will provide you with years of service. The Fairland heat pump is an autonomous device, specifically designed to heat swimming pools. The machine works on the tried and tested principles of thermodynamics using the greatest reservoir of heat available, our world and its atmosphere, the Fairland heat pump captures heat energy provided by the sun and transmits it to the pool water.

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Because the heat that a Fairland heat pump transfers to the pool water is captured from the ambient air, and not generated like a traditional heater, the cost of heating your pool can be reduced by up to 80% compared to other heating solutions.

At night, and more generally, when the pool is not is use, the pool should be protected with an insulation cover. This will limit evaporation, which is the main source of heat loss, and will thus significantly reduce pool heating costs